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Alfresco Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Certification Program, check here first.

Alfresco Certification Frequently Asked Questions


Overview (Show All)

The Alfresco Certification Program

Why is Alfresco Certification relevant to me?
Which exams are available?

Scheduling an exam

How can I take the certification exam?
How much does the exam cost?
How do I update my profile information tied to my certification?
I took the exam but I didn’t pass, do I need to pay the exam fee again?

Exam descriptions

How many questions are on the exams?
What type of questions are on the exams?
Where I can find a list of topics covered in each exam?
Where can I find information on how to prepare for the exam?
How much time will I have to complete the exam?
Which Alfresco product version should I study?
What is the pass mark for the exams?

Exam scoring

Will I get feedback on my results?
Does Alfresco provide detailed results per question?
Does Alfresco have a retake policy for the Certified exam?

Exam Expiration Policy and Re-certification

Do certifications expire?
I have noticed that the product names have changed, do I need to re-certify?

Exam Benefits

I passed the exam, when should I expect to receive my credentials?
Does Alfresco provides hard copy of the certificate?
How does a potential employer verify my certification?
I am a Passport holder, when do I receive my exam voucher?

Program Updates

Exciting changes coming January 2019
Why is Alfresco changing service providers for its certification program?
Are the certification exams the same under the new platform?
What happens to my account with Pearson VUE?
What will happen to my current credentials?
Is the cost of the certification exams changing?
I am preparing to take an exam before January 29th, what should I do?
Online Proctoring



I have a question that you don't answer here, what shall I do?

Please send your question to certification@alfresco.com