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Questions about Alfresco University and Alfresco University Passport. Check here first.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Lab Environment Migration - June 2019

What is changing?
Which courses are affected?
Why are the changes being made?
When are the changes being made?
How will I be affected?

Course Registration

How do I modify my personal information on my student profile?

Hardware and software requirements

Do I need to have the Alfresco Digital Business Platform installed on my computer to take a course?
Is there any software required to take the courses?
Can I take a course from a mobile device?
I have a non-US keyboard, will I be able to complete the exercises?

Course pre-requesites

Does Alfresco University require any pre-requisites to take any of the self-paced classes?
Do I need to pass an assessment in order to register for a course?
Will I be tested at the end of the course to measure my level of competency?

Course logistics

Will I receive any written materials for the self-paced class?
Is there a limit to the number of times I can review the different course sections?
Is there a limit to how many times I can perform the exercises included in the course?
How long does it take for the lab enviroment to be available?
My Virtual Machine is no longer available, what can I do?
The region used by my Virtual Machine is incorrect, how do I change it?

Discussion Forums

Guidelines of Use

Alfresco University Passport

What is Alfresco University Passport?
What is included in the Alfresco University Passport?
How long does my Alfresco University Passport last?
I am a Alfresco University Passport holder, when do I receive my exam voucher?
How do I purchase an Alfresco University Passport?



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