What will change?

What is Online Proctoring?

One of the new features which will be available from the 29th January is Online Proctoring. Online proctoring allows you to take an exam from a quiet location of your choice without the need to travel to a test center. We recognize that for many students, travelling to a testing center can be time consuming and difficult; the introduction of online proctoring should simplify the process of obtaining certification for many of our students.

An online proctor will visually and audibly monitor you during the exam through the use of a webcam and microphone; the exam will be delivered directly to your own computer. Further information on the minimum requirements can be found in the Test Taker Guide.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The Test Taker Guide provides full instructions on the minimum requirements for taking an online proctored exam. We would recommend that you verify the requirements prior to registering for an exam and then once again a week before sitting the exam.

Online Proctored exams are supported by Standard English keyboards only. If you are using a non-English keyboard please go to Microsoft Support for instructions on modifying your keyboard to ensure a successful test launch.

You can verify your webcam, microphone and internet connection speed through Kryterion Online Proctoring Support.

Can I still sit an exam at a Testing Center?

Exam delivery through a testing center will still be available if you prefer to sit the certification exams in this way. You can find more information about the testing centers that are available through Locate Test Center.

How will I receive my certification?

You will receive an email containing your certificate and certification logo for all exams that are passed with Kryterion.